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Folksonomies in Museums

No, not as a historical arifact of “high Web 2.0 fashion”— as… Continue reading Folksonomies in Museums

NFAIS on Web 2.0

A little over a week ago I attended a NFAIS program entitled… Continue reading NFAIS on Web 2.0

Tags, Collaborative Filtering, and GROOP.US

Rashmi Sinha recently posted, Collaborative Filtering strikes back (this time with tags),… Continue reading Tags, Collaborative Filtering, and GROOP.US

Tagging Museum Collections

The September issue of D-Lib (Digital Libraries) Magazine features an article with… Continue reading Tagging Museum Collections

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Tags and Disaster Recovery

You’re It, the tagging blog has a new article Tagging for Katrina…. Continue reading Tags and Disaster Recovery

Tag Blog

For about a week I’ve been reading the beginnings of You’re It!… Continue reading Tag Blog

Peekaboom: von Ahn and the Future of ESP

I attended an interesting lecture today at Drexel given by Luis von… Continue reading Peekaboom: von Ahn and the Future of ESP

Faceted Folksonomy

One of the next phases for creating more useful folksonomies will likely… Continue reading Faceted Folksonomy

Folksonomy vs. the Desktop Metaphor

With all the discussion of folksonomies, and especially tags, I’ve heard little… Continue reading Folksonomy vs. the Desktop Metaphor

Art imitates tags

There seems to have been an explosion of folksonomy-related discussion, including Peter… Continue reading Art imitates tags

Wired on Folksonomies

Thomas Vander Wal is quoted throughout a new Wired article — Folksonomies… Continue reading Wired on Folksonomies

Technorati Tags

Looks like Technorati has jumped on the tagsonomy bandwagon. I thought that… Continue reading Technorati Tags

Ethnographic Study of Ethnoclassification

Another useful look at [ethnoclassification/tagsonomy/folksonomy/communal categorization], this time with actual users and… Continue reading Ethnographic Study of Ethnoclassification

Folksonomy Update

Now that I’ve regained my sanity after finals and the holidays I… Continue reading Folksonomy Update


A few related items this week. I was playingThe ESP Game last… Continue reading Folksonomy/Ethnoclassification