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Guerrilla Usability: Insight on a Shoestring

by David Sturtz

I had the opportunity to speak about Guerrilla Usability at Iowa Code Camp yesterday — what a well-executed event. If you’re a techie in the Iowa area, definitely check out their next event in November.

I tried to accomplish two things with the talk: putting out a solid definition of usability and what usability testing is trying to achieve; and throwing a whole bunch of ideas and tools out to see what sticks, whet their appetite, and hopefully prompt people to at least give something a try. Here’s the video of the presentation:

Guerrilla Usability: Insight on a Shoestring from David Sturtz on Vimeo.

Iterative and Agile development mean shorter cycles and a desperate need for quick feedback. Luckily, improving the user experience of your software doesn’t require days in a lab. This session will present more than twenty-five tools and techniques for gaining insight into your users’ minds and actions.


Slides [PDF]: Guerrilla Usability
Audio [MP3]: Guerrilla Usability