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Experimenting with work/life alignment

by David Sturtz

(This is for all both of you who have been ‘begging’ me to blog more, hope it’s worth it.)

I’m massively out of touch with the blogosphere lately (currently 42,035 unread items in Bloglines), so I may be bit behind the curve with this, but last week I learned about Total Leadership from a post on Tim Ferriss’s blog.

I’ve watched the video of Stew Friedman’s Total Leadership Google Talk (embedded after the jump), and have begun the process of examining the quadrants of my life, and devising experiments to help to bring them closer together. The goal is to achieve a ‘four-way win’ meeting the expectations of stakeholders in all areas of your life.

Sounds a bit b-school hokey when reduced to three sentences, but I’m in need of a few wins, and a little introspection never hurt anyone, right? Some info I’ve found helpful so far…

What experiments have you tried to better align work, home/family, community, and self? Did it work out? Post a comment or e-mail me.

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Michael | August 12, 2008 10:56 PM

I don’t know much about “work, home/family, community, and self”, but I do know about “work, self” balance.

And I recommend to you:
Request a raise, and instead of taking additional money, try to reduce the hours of your work week.

The results will be fantastic!


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