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LukeW on Web Application Design

by David Sturtz

Once again Luke Wroblewski brings it back to basics with his presentation, “”Web Application Page Hierarchy” (download slides of his presentation [PDF] and match it up with the audio [MP3]). Luke communicates design know-how in a way that makes the process seem so obvious and simple you feel like a moron that you didn’t see it that clearly before.

I also particularly enjoyed this tangent:

“By the way, I have a rant on ‘Sign Up’ being the primary call to action on all these things. I think that sucks. And the reason I think that sucks is when you get a product in the real world and you start unpackaging it, the first thing you do — you don’t fill out a form before you open it up and start playing with it, right? You barely ever fill out that registration form. I bet you it’s sitting in the box or you threw it out you never filled in the registration, ‘here’s my name and please give me your warranty.’ Nobody does that. You get in. You start playing with it. Then if you decide you want to keep it then you invest some time in it.”


If you’re not already subscribed, take a look at his blog, Functioning Form, which always has great conference session summaries and more of his own presentations. There’s also a great collection on slideshare.

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Jan | March 8, 2008 3:21 PM

Thanx for the links. Very interesting.

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