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Random Friday: I got my philosophy…

by David Sturtz

Set iTunes to shuffle and this is what comes out (inspired by Marisa)…

  1. MIA - MIA (Piracy Funds Terrorism, vol. 1)
  2. Split Screen Sadness - John Mayer (Heavier Things)
  3. I am a Man of Constant Sorrow - Soggy Bottom Boys (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
  4. Por La San Jose - Maneja Beto (Para Que Las Paredes No Se Aburran)
  5. Mango Mangue - Charlie Parker (The Essential Charlie Parker)
  6. Philosophy - Ben Folds Five (Ben Folds Five)
  7. Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes (White Blood Cells)
  8. Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie (The Best of Blondie)
  9. All Mixed Up - 311 (311)
  10. Alright - Ellipsis (Take What You Will)

No. 4 – WTF? Where did this come from? Mmm, looks like I loaded it with one of the South by Southwest compliations.

No. 7 – Crap. Now that’s going to be in my head for the forseeable future. ..”It’s 1, 2, 3, 4 take the elevator at the Hotel Yorba I’ll be glad to see later…”

No. 8 – Debbie Harry rocks.

No. 10 &ndash Check out Ellipsis’ recent Philly TV appearance

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