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Little Ones

by David Sturtz

Heard a great band last night called Little Ones. They appeared to be genuinely having a great time onstage (and kept talking about wanting to go to a waterpark).

Give Lovers Who Uncover [mp3] a listen and download more from their site, or check out their EP, Sing Song (iTunes). There are also live tracks from a session at KEXP (Seattle).

For a little background there’s an article at PopMatters, and a Pitchfork review of their EP. Apparently they’ve recently signed with Astralwerks, home of several other favorites, including Placebo (who are just starting a US tour).

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Michael | September 27, 2006 9:15 PM

Hey David,

I’m listening to your linked Little Ones mp3s right now, and they are sounding pretty good! You’ll have to give me some other musical suggestions sometime.