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Yahoo! Makes User Interface Pattern Libraries Public

by David Sturtz

Yahoo! is making portions of their Design Pattern Library and user interface code available to the public under an open-source license (via O’Reilly Radar). They’ve also launched a User Interface Blog related to this project.

This is an excellent resource not only for useful patterns and code, but also as insight into the reasoning behind user interface choices and a great example of how to document design patterns.

I previously mentioned a Boxes and Arrows article, Implementing a Pattern Library in the Real World: A Yahoo! Case Study, in which Yahoo!’s user interface designers explain how they developed and operate their pattern library. That article is a great overview of what patterns are, and provides some good methods for creating your own pattern library.

On a related note, I ran across a San Francisco Gate article and interview with the father of patterns, Christopher Alexander.

Update 2/16/2006

Todd Warfel has started a series of posts on Building a Pattern Library. His first post gives some background on where patterns came from and how patterns help to maintain unity while speeding up the development process.

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