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Google Maps Pedometer

by David Sturtz

People are doing really cool stuff with the Goole Maps API and one of the most useful things I’ve found (besides the amazing mashup with Craigslist) is the GMap Pedometer. It allows you to click out a path and tells you the distance. Not only will it give you the distance in miles or kilometers, but it also calculates the calories you’ll burn and gives you a permalink for your route (UPDATE—now it puts wonderful little mile-marker flags on your route!). Here’s an approximation of the route I ran Sunday, a little over 7 miles around Twin Lakes in northwest Iowa. (Seven weeks to go until the Philadelphia Distance Run.)

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HomePriceMaps | March 14, 2006 4:02 PM compliments thie HousingMaps site quite well.

while HousingMaps integrates Craigs list homes currently for sale and rent with Google Maps, integrates how much homes SOLD for with the google mapping technology