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2005 Broad Street Run: 2,377th Place

by David Sturtz

Just got the official results from this morning’s 2005 Philly Broad Street Run. My chip time from crossing the start to finish was 1:19:36, exactly two minutes slower than last year. I thought I did pretty good given my really poor preparation this year. (By the way, that’s 2,377th out of 12,050.)

The conditions for the race were kind of miserable. I got to the start about an hour early and the temperature was in the low 50’s and it was sprinkling. The rain stopped just before the race started, which was good, but the temperature seemed to drop and the breeze picked up as the race went on. The general vibe was a little more cold and wet than the last few years, making it a little dreary.

Up next is the Ridley Run 5k on June 4.

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