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Tiger Installed (Mac OS X 10.4)

by David Sturtz

Got OS X 10.4 installed on my PowerBook this morning. It took 35 minutes for the intall to run. (It took four hours if you include backing up my essential files, ensuring everything made it through the transition, and troubleshooting Mail.)

I ran into a problem in with the httpmail plugin installed. (I forgot it was there.) It looked like everything had loaded, but all of my e-mail messages were missing. I wwas also unable to quit the application. Once I removed the plug-in files from the Bundles folder and relaunched Mail the initial setup window appeared and I was able to get at my messages. Nothing lost — whew! (I guess I’m done with Hotmail for the time being.)

So far I’m enjoying the surface features — the album art screensaver, the redesigned Mail interface, and finding stuff with spotlight (although having Quicksilver might still be more convenient for finding and launching things.) Can’t wait to dig in deeper with Automator, etc.

Update 5/3/2005

Had to fix MySQL and PHP on my PowerBook. The MySQL permissions on the data files were messed up after the upgrade, once I gave permission to the MySQL user everything was fine. I also had to re-edit the /private/etc/httpd/httpd.conf file for the Apache server according to some instructions I found somewhere (sorry I lost track):

“un-comment” the following two lines:
#LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd/
#AddModule mod_php4.c

My local installs of Wordpress, TextPattern, etc., etc. are now functioning again.

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James | April 30, 2005 7:15 PM

Is Fontbook any better? That’s the only app that has ever brought my G5 to a complete standstill.

David | May 3, 2005 11:16 PM

I wish I could answer that, but I’m not a huge Font Book user. I got my fonts re-loaded and everything seems okay.

Tiger (actually Spotlight) seems to have fixed my only complaint about the font system, that you couldn’t type in the font dialog box to select the font you want. You had to scroll through the entire list rather than typing the first few letters. Now there’s a little box to search through them.