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Pumpkins on iTunes

by David Sturtz

The Smashing Pumpkins catalog is finally available on iTunes [iTunes] (and apparently every other digital music outlet). A Paste Magazine article has the full scoop.

The band has been waiting and watching the regulation of digital music to ensure their fans receive proper access to the Pumpkins’ music in the most reliable and fair formats.

The timing is convenient with the release of Billy’s solo album just around the corner (currently set for June 21). I also find it interesting that it took so long for a band that initially seemed to be web-friendly (one of the first to stream audio on their official site [I remember reading it, but can’t seem to substantiate that], and releasing their final unfinished album to the web).

In any case, the highlight of the digital release, is the collection of “Rarities and B-sides” including some of my favorite acoustic versions of their earlier songs. A good portions of the songs were previously released on Pisces Iscariot and in the boxed set The Aeroplane Flies High. At $112.86 on iTunes for the whole set, I’m going to have to start guzzling Pepsi.

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