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Wired on Folksonomies

by David Sturtz

Thomas Vander Wal is quoted throughout a new Wired article — Folksonomies Tap People Power — which provides an overview of folksonomies, how they started, and mentions possible marketing implications. (Can folksonomies really highlight user’s interests?)

I found this bit interesting:

[Steve] Rubel [of Micro Persuasion, a public relations blog,] also said he’d like to see services like Google add tags as a way to bring more user-specific context to search results. As it is, he explained, search-engine results differ from tag searches in that they are not based on user-created content.

Google is based (to some unknown degree) on user-created content, but it is an interesting question — what would be the effect if Google’s results relied more explicitly on some form of communal categorization? (Other than massive spamming of that categorization system.)

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