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How We Are Hungry

by David Sturtz

Recently finished How We Are Hungry, the new collection of short stories by Dave Eggers. My impression was that the parts that were good were really excellent. There are subtle details (ways of thinking, attitudes, objects, actions) throughout that capture qualities of his (our?) generation. A lot of it echoes the themes (and even characters) of You Shall Know Our Velocity. There were a few stories that were a little thin, but overall a good read. The book design is impeccable (as ususal).

Here’s a bit from the third story, The Only Meaning of the Oil-Wet Water:

When the night went black they realized their lights were too bright. Passing cars thought their high beams were on, and flashed them. They flashed them back, showing them their real brights, and then, to retaliate, the cars would flash theirs again. It happened a hundred times. They hated the implications of their thoughtlessness, and the strain on their eyes was terrible, all the flashing, all that quick bright anger.

There are numerous complete and excerpted reviews on the McSweeney’s site.

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