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by David Sturtz

A few related items this week. I was playingThe ESP Game last week for my Content Representation class. It’s mentioned in a post on IAslash about “folksonomies” this week, which is based off of this OK/Cancel discussion of the need for browsing and mirrors an essay, Metadata for the Masses, Peter Merholz at Adaptive Path posted last week:

The primary benefit of free tagging is that we know the classification makes sense to users. It can also reveal terms that “experts” might have overlooked.

For instance, check out the nearly 250 photos on Flickr tagged as Squared Circle. Who could have guessed this would be a category? (You can keep up-to-date on this group of photos using the handy Squared Circle tag’s RSS feed.)

(And heck if my research isn’t leading back to George Lakoff. Strange how that happens.)

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