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Google Print

by David Sturtz

The future is near:

Google Print enables publishers to promote their books on Google. Google scans the full text of participating publishers’ titles so that Google users can see books that match the topics that they are searching on. When a user clicks on a book search result, they’re taken to a Google-hosted web page displaying a scanned image of the relevant page from the book. Each page also contains multiple ‘Buy this Book’ links, allowing users to purchase the book from online retailers.

This was mentioned along with Google’s Project Ocean in a February article in the New York Times, The Coming Search Wars.

And Google has embarked on an ambitious secret effort known as Project Ocean, according to a person involved with the operation. With the cooperation of Stanford University, the company now plans to digitize the entire collection of the vast Stanford Library published before 1923, which is no longer limited by copyright restrictions. The project could add millions of digitized books that would be available exclusively via Google.

(Google Print via Kottke)

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