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A Nation Deceived - or - No Bright Child Left Behind

by David Sturtz

Very interesting and informative (and strongly titled) report out of the University of Iowa, A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students is intended to clear the air and dispel many myths surrounding the practice of acceleration

From the executive summary:

Students who are moved ahead tend to be more ambitious, and they earn graduate degrees at higher rates than other students. Interviewed years later, an overwhelming majority of accelerated students say that acceleration was an excellent experience for them. Accelerated students feel academically challenged and socially accepted, and they do not fall prey to the boredom that plagues many highly capable students who are forced to follow the curriculum for their age-peers.

Volume One of the report [PDF] provides a great overview of the issues and outcomes, as well as suggesting strategies for helping children to reach their full potential.

The report also makes the case that a child prevented from excelling is also a child left behind.

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Dad | September 22, 2004 9:07 PM

I also saw a summary of this article, and sent a link to it on to Christy. It does provide an interesting view on “no child left behind” stuff - that bright children can be left behind, too. Acceleration is not the perfect solution either, but it allows the student to fit in a little better, without totally stressing the system.