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Tortilla Pizza Obsession

by David Sturtz

Here’s my latest culinary fascination:

Preheat the pizza stone in the oven to 425-ish. Take a tortilla (the whole wheat ones make you think you’re being healthy) and spread a sauce on it. I’m enjoying pesto now that it’s commonly available at the supermarket, but pizza sauce, marinara, alfredo, or salsa are all good. Throw a topping on, if you want (fresh tomatoes are great with the pesto, if you want other veggies zap them in the microwave first to make sure they cook through), and cover it with a thin layer of cheese (mozzarella is the obvious choice, but provolone, cheddar, or colby-jack are good depending on your other toppings). Slide the tortilla onto the pizza stone and bake for about five minutes.

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