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What About the Issues?

by David Sturtz

Seriously, this swift boat business is the last straw (and then there’s the accompanying book).

I feel like I’m a relatively well-informed person and, while I have my own ideas about what the issues are (beyond Iraq and national security), I have no idea what issues are likely to be dealt with in the next few years, let alone how any candidate stands on them. No one has talked about them for at least six months.

I would love to find a concise, maybe twenty page document for each candidate that explains what exactly they plan to accomplish in the next two years, some goals for four years, and general, but solid, positions on issues that might arise (judicial nominations, terrorist attacks, budget, etc.). I’ve read some of the junk on their websites, Kerry gives vague proclamations like, “Deploy All That Is In America’s Arsenal” (huh?) while Bush only gives a list of past accomplishments.

I promise to share if I find anything of value…

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