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Using P2P to Spread the Word on INDUCE Act

by David Sturtz

P2P Congress is making the Congressional hearings on the INDUCE Act available via peer-to-peer networks including BitTorrent, eDonkey, and the Gnuetella network.

This is brilliant — they are using the very technology the act would jeopardize to spread the word and keep our government processes open. It demostrates precisely why the technology is necessary, and a good thing.

Why is P2P good? Posting these files to a website would place the burden of providing the bandwidth on whoever pays to host that site. For large media files such as these it can quickly get expensive. By making the same files available through P2P networks the files can still be shared without any one person or group having to foot the bill.

I believe that if this technology is allowed to fully develop we will see more and more of this type of usage. P2P could be integrated into web browsers to allow for a front-end — part of the problem with current P2P is that the files are pretty well hidden, you have to guess at what is out there. If sites are better able to provide links allow average users to get files from the network they will be able to make more legitimate files available.

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