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Wired Covers INDUCE Act

by David Sturtz

Wired has an article on the “geek” view of Sen. Orrin Hatch’s INDUCE Act (S. 2560) [PDF], which seeks to make companies liable for produces that “induce” people to violate copyright law. My favorite part is Sen. Hatch’s introduction of the bill, which includes this great bit:

In the film “Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang”, the leering “Child-Catcher” lured children into danger with false promises of “free lollipops.” Tragically, some corporations now seem to think that they can legally profit by inducing children to steal—that they can legally lure children and others with false promises of “free music.”

It paints a great picture in my mind of the recording industry as the queen in the film, who is horrified by children and shrieks and faints everytime the word “child” is mentioned. Except in this case the word is “filesharing.”

The legislation is generally thought to be overly restrictive and would inhibit technological development/advancement. Time to write your Congressman.

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